How would you rate COMODO Internet Security 3.8? And what to improve?

Hi Guys.

This Thread is made for CIS v3.8 and future versions (until CIS v4.0 is out).

Let’s see some more votes now… :slight_smile:


I voted three because it needs further testing to ensure it is trouble-free .

Still 4. I just can’t consider it stable yet.

4, only because some FP in AV. Otherwise is rock stable on my config.

I like what it does very much, but I also find it far too unstable. I cannot run a full PC scan.

Also too many FPs.

I dont like the say safe applications get almost all rights automatically.

Antivirus unfinished
To many false positive

I had a lot of problems with CIS recently such as BSOD’s, games crashing, internet loss, inability to uninstall, inability to update.

The score is 3 :-\

I hope 4.0 will be better :slight_smile:

(V) :comodo110:

5 !! :ilovecomodo:
No problems at all (Vista Home Premium x64) :slight_smile:

4, the AV slows defragging and has a few FP’s

Same here, I voted a 4. I don’t have a lot of FPs but they are there.

4 Adding Adware detection/removal would be good :slight_smile:
also decreasing the FP’s as others have mentioned.
Other than this :comodorocks:

Just changed my vote to a poor 2 :frowning:
AV going crazy for me on this release. Scheduled scans completely freeze my machine, right-click-scans leading to “Antivirus Engine not initialized” while the main window shows all systems up and running, diagnostic returning no results.

To me, this release feels like beta-software, at best. Way too many showstoppers. Reverting back to avast until the next release.

5… Since I consider CIS to be the best out there… (:KWL) (:KWL)

But as mentioned earlier by people, the False Positive issue is still there…
But the new initiative to fix FPs in 2 days is really good!

I have not experienced any major bugs luckily If I had I would probably have given a 3 or 4, depending on fixing time…
But all major bugs most be sorted out ofc…

CIS gets extra points for giving quick bugfix updates, listening to the community. And for trying to tackle the FP problem, and for the astonishing Bufferoverflow protection… The only stuff I see as a minus is the Antivirus that still needs some work to be up to the big guys… The prevention is as most probably already know top notch and really awesome… CIS 3.9 will be interesting, really looking forward to see how CIMA heuristic and BOclean will enchant CIS anti spyware/malware ability!

But its a great product!

Keep up the nice work COMODO! Iam more than pleased with CIS, so far it has not failed me! :-TU (V)

CIS already features this, it is designed to detect every type of malware.

It’s just not particularly brilliant at the moment :stuck_out_tongue: as noted in Matt Rizos’ new review.

32bit here

Rating: Poor (2)
Reason: False Positives

Rated 4
For nice improvement in antivirus database, 3.8 works nicely, before in 3.5 there was bug i was facing that when virus database failed to update the virus database becoming 0, which is being fixed by 3.8 version for me, this new version running nicely than 3.5 version.
Also one thing for rating it 4 as comodo team looking at users problem and responding to them and fixing bugs very quickly so big thanks for that.
There are many things to improve.

  1. currently CAV gives many false positives thats the first initiative.
  2. Virus database size is big at times Reducing them down in small segments will be good idea.
  3. Updates having resume feature
  4. option in CAV Real-time scanner to check archieve files when they are downloaded from net or from anywhere, because mostly virus are hidden in archieves, I understand it might be seen as waste of resources by some people,
    so by default this option should be unchecked, the only people who want to scan archieve files in real-time scanner can turn it on by putting checkmark in that box.
    Thanks all again comodo team rocks :a0 :ilovecomodo:

Rated: 4

CIS is getting better and better every update but still need some changes to be perfect :wink: IMHO what should be changed/added in neewer versions to improve program efficacy is:

  1. CIS should have any kind of self defence system. It’s very easy to kill the process. Any virus can do it with no problem… This is very important, because of this depends system safety. You may say HIPS resolves the problem. Yes, but not every one uses it. Nag screens are very annoying :slight_smile: I depend on proactive defence system like AV and Antispyware. These days everything should be automatic :stuck_out_tongue:

  2. CIS should have some anti-spyware component. It is internet security packet, so it got to have it to be complete. I heard that you are working on adding boclean to CIS. That would be great! Boclean is great program but that startup scan is REALY slowing down system startup and it’s a bit annoying and long time ago there was no update. PLS add an option to disable startup scan in future and change it’s archaic look :slight_smile:

  3. AV is evolving but still it stays behind competitive programs like Avira, Avast! and AVG (free versions). It should have some more options like mail scan etc. CAV is quite fresh and new product and it still needs more improves, changes and updates (less FP’s, more options to configure etc) but everything is going in good way.

I know… I’m complaining, but it would be really nice if options like that would be added. Anyway great job!

I reminded one thing with the CAV. Once it went “disable” and i could’t make it “enable”. I could change it to “enable” status, but when I tried to scan folder it said “Antivirus Engine not initialized”. System restart helped, but it’s a serious error :confused:

  1. CIS protects it’s own files from alteration through ‘My Protected Files’ by default. Also, the cfp.exe process (which I assume is the own you are terminating) is only the GUI. If cfp.exe is terminated, CIS is still protecting your computer, because the cmdagent.exe service should still be running :wink:

  2. CIS already detects spyware. The antivirus is designed to detect every type of malware. The detection rate is growing substantially on a daily basis. IMO it should be renamed to Anti-Malware, instead of Antivirus. BOClean will be completely redesigned when it is implemented into CIS (in mid-late March). The resource usage will very light :wink:

  3. A mail scanner is completely unnecessary for the protection of your computer, since any malicious attachments are scanned by the CIS real-time scanner when they are opened, and if you are about to forward them. Essentially, mail scanners like the one in avast, are useless. See here for more details:;msg223195#msg223195


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

A mail scanner is very necessary, because you can infect others if you only forward infected message. Is’nt enough to scan only on acces to be well protected against malware…