How will you celebrate the new CIS?

Love it…

this should be our ritual song!!! :slight_smile: CIS… smooth operator!!!


Haha fun ideas. Why not spam every Comodo user with some malware and just sit and have a look at CIS doing it’s job.
Just plain enjoy and see :■■■■

Yeah that smooth operator sounds nice and fits comodo perfectly, If its less popupish as promised.
Good idea there JamesFrance.

Hope that I too can think of this song when this new beta gets released. :smiley:

I will celebrate the sexy release of CIS by going for a run while it updates to the latest signatures.

Melih maybe you should make an offer for the yacht. About time you had some fun after all your hard work!

Nice… i always liked sunseekers… my problem is i suffer from motion sickness :frowning: