How turn off cloud scan

How do I turn off cloud scan?
It is stopping the installation of nearly everything–even after I have scanned the installers with virustotal!
The latest is I cannot install Audacity.
I’m tired of this.
If it were finding real threats, great. It isn’t.
How do I turn it off?

Oh, I did do web search. Every instruction found is for earlier versions and the turn off is not where they say (where they say do it does not even exist (e.g., >>Defense+ → Defense+ Settings → Execution Control Settings and uncheck Perform cloud based behavior analysis of unrecognized files). bold does not

Uncheck “Do not show popup alerts” so that you will be alerted when a cloud threat is detected and you can take action on what to do. If you are not happy with the Comodo cloud you can uncheck “Enable Cloud Lookup” I don’t recommend doing this as it would cause issues with identifying safe files/vendors online.

The File Rating Settings panel can be accessed by clicking Security Settings > File Rating > File Rating Settings tab from ‘Advanced Settings’ interface

It isn’t a matter of not being happy with it…it is a matter of I cannot install safe applications with it enabled. There is something pretty bad wrong with the data at the “lookup” end because it is blocking LOTS of safe installers.

A false positive report has been created:

If you follow Netguy101s advice to disable “Do not show popup alerts” then you will get an alert for the file in question where you can choose to ignore the file and it should then be allowed and you should be able to install the application. Netguy101 also told you where to disable the Cloud Lookup in order to stop the detection, however as he notes this will also affect the whitelisting which CIS/CFW relies on rather heavily.