How To Wipe CFW & AV off hard drive

Well, I guess the love affair is over. I was really really really hoping Comodo would be the alternative to commercial applications like McAfee, but Im just having too many issues with the set up.

When I first set up AV and FW a couple months ago, things seemed great. High quality software and free to boot. But then it seemed with each update with AV something went amiss. I could not connect to shared resources on my home network (printer, hard drives on other PC’s, etc). I worked through it a couple times and got it figured out. But now its interfering with my test server. Apache, MySQL and PHP start up, but when I try and get to localhost it just dies.

So as much as I hate to I need to make sure everything associated with Comodo AV and FW are wiped off the drive and registry so that I can go back to a commercial solution. Right now I need something that Im not going to have to troubleshoot so much.

I truly hope that Comodo continues to advance and improve and applaud them for what they are doing, but for right now it does not appear to be the solution I need.