How to whitelist IP if there another rule blocks IPs like that?

This had to be answered many times,

i am blocking IPs where the source is the “Network Zone” named “Work #1”. It works well to block these IPs.

Bellow and above this Global Rule in firewall i tried to add new rules that would whitelist one certain IP which is part of the IPs blocked by above mentioned rule.
I made sure there was entries for IP and also hostname, source and also destination targetted rule. 4 entries.
all was for in/out udp,tcp all ports.

Tried to place them above and below mentioned blocking entry, but i am always blocked. Yes, i confirmed by OK saving the settings.

Details of the "“Work #1"” if anyone interested:

Type: IPv4 Subnet Mask IP: Mask:

When i disable firewall everything works.

How to whitelist that IP?

Change netmask to instead of 250. Then place the allow rule above the block rule.