How to/ Where to find manual updates for CAV Beta?

Im looking to download these manually and cant find the download page. Can some direct me to this page and some basic directions to manually update the definations for CAV Beta, (the newset version).

G’day Andy and welcome to the forums.

At the moment, I don’t believe it’s possible to manually download the updates as separate files. It needs to be done solely within the application.

I believe (don’t know this for certain, just drawing a few assumptions) that this will change or be modified in the future. Comodo are looking into a centralised management console for all Comodo apps and one of its intended functions is to centrally manage downloads and updates so there is onkly one internet access per LAN, rather than per PC.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If comodo don’t have the link (download the updates as separate files) ,…then
What if i just copy the file that already update into the other PC which not been update,…

What file is update if we do internet update,…?

Please reply,…


The offline updates or manually downloading updates functionality is not is not yet done. It will be done in Version3.
For daily viruses database updates: You can copy and paste the “CavBases” folder from “Comodo AntiVirus” folder from the updated systems.
For program updates: I dont recommend to copy/paste program files as the program files are not existing in one directory. If you copy one and not other then dependencies may create some issue. So it better to not to copy/paste program files.


Version 3? Blimey, we’re still only on 2.x beta :o. You guys must really plan ahead.