How to view the list of Banned Applications?

I am new to Comodo FW. Was a longtime user of Agnitum Outpost FW…

How can I view the list of Banned Applications? So far I can’t find that. I think the list’s real important, as over time users like may forget what apps he’s banned and when.

Thanks for advising!!!


If you open CFP and click on SECURITY - APPLICATION MONITOR, you can scroll the list of applications and see the status of each entry. The last column displays either “Allow” or “Block”.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

The blocks are easily spotted in CFPs Application Monitor as they are represented by red X’s, but you should also check CFPs Component Monitor where the blocks are no see easy to spot (either Allow or Block fields ticked).

Thanks all for the helpful hints :slight_smile:

My goal is to predefine rules for banning some apps before they get banned by CFW or me…

Please confirm I understood correctly.

Those under Application Control Rules → Application Monitor, are database-like rule sets for all internet-active apps, not only those currently active.

I will look more into the GUI and read the manual. Hopefully I can come back with more questions and maybe “bitching” too :smiley:

The Application Monitor contains the rules for those applications that have Internet access (directly or indirectly) and are directly used/executed by the user. Where as, the Component Monitor contains all those applications and components (EXEs, DLLs, OCXs, etc…) that have Internet access (directly or indirectly) and that are not directly accessed/run by the user.