how to view current cmdo virus data base

Ple let me know how to view the current comodo virus database. Tks. Diligent

If you mean the latest version available you will find the following link in the “Feedback &Announcements” forum here. This link is updated daily, well most of the time anyway. LOL

If you want to know what version is installed on your PC then click on Comodo>Miscellaneous>About and you will see whatever version of Comodo you have and underneath that whatever Database version on your AV.

Cllose. Want to see the whole list that CAV scans and detects when browsing (realtime).

Thanks. Diligent

There inst such a thing yet.

ok, any other way to tell if CAR live and scan already detects what microsoft security essentials detects in real time and its scan? Thks