How to view blocked IPs

Two questions:
All I want to do is confirm that a particular pesty IP that spams me is blocked. I blocked it already but want to confirm that. There must be a log of blocked IPs somewhere, but where?

Next, the older version of Comodo had a really nice feature for blocking… all I did was access the configure menu, and all the current running processes from inbound IPs were listed. All I did was highlight the one I wanted to block and click “block”. Done. I can’t find that anymore, can someone show me? Maybe Comodo removed that feature, if so that is unfortunate.
The current setup is to find the problem Process running in Task Manager, then find the corresponding .exe in Explore and block it that way, but sometimes it is difficult to discern which and where that .exe file is located and which file belongs to which process.
Thanks in advance!