how to use "Web Filter"?

Sorry for asking, but the whole interface is so unintuitive, that i can’t find how to block a web site. If i see “blocked websites” under “rules”, i would expect, that i could add any URL after a right click “add URL to block here”.

So, can anyone give me a detailed instruction, how to block web sites?

Edit: i accidently deleted the “blocked sites” template. Is there any way to get that back?

Also, if i check some of the boxes, CIS will forget them immediately, as i can see, if i reopen the menu. Is this supposed to work that way?

Edit 2: is it possible, that we can’t block HTTPS sites? I finally managed to block one site, while another can’t be blocked for some reason.

Does this help: Website Filtering

FWIW: on any panel in the CIS GUI, there’s a qwexion mark button. If you click that it opens on-line help for the particular panel that you have open in the default browser.

What check boxes are not ‘sticking’? If you are talking about configuration settings, you must apply them for them to ‘stick’. Some check boxes elsewhere are to activate sub-functions of what is being ticked. Atypically those sub-functions are grouped in the up-arrow tab at the bottom of the paenl. Sometimes those functions are available in right-click context dialogue.

Methinks you and Comodo haven’t got to know each other very well. Once the two of you get to know each other better, I’m sure you’ll get along fine. I’ve found 99.9% of my trouble with Comodo was myself; it doesn’t work the way I feel it should to do what I want. In fact I’ve discovered once the two of us became best buddies forever, how much more intuitive could the dang thing possibly be; virtually ALL problems originated in MY head not CIS capabilities.

Sorry, it doesn’t help at all. The whole interface is way too complicated and messy. I need a step-by-step instruction, how to add a website, and a confirmation, taht is doesn’t work with HTTPS (which would render the function useless).