How to use VPN (Relakks) with V3 ?

How to use VPN (Relakks) with version 3 ?

I have tried to add the port, but I must have done something wrong, since it is denied access.

In Comodo V2.4 I did not even need to setup anything, to get the vpn to access to internet, any help would be greatly appreciated!

i’d like to know that, too :smiley:
the connection gives error 619, some port is blocked, i add the port in the network policies but the protocol relakks uses is pptp (Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) and it’s not present in the protocols list…

any tip? :stuck_out_tongue:

actually, the PPTP-protocol is called GRE …
So, You need a rule that allows GRE !
The strange thing here is that you should already have that rule as it is one of the default rules ?
Could you please check (in Network-monitor) that you have such a rule and that it is
above the “block all” rule ?

If you DON"T have that rule, make a new rule :

If you DO have that rule and it isn’t working… well then it’s something else in your setup
(maybe some advanced settings or a misconfigured router etc) that blocks the VPN …
Have a look in the log and see if any packets to/from relakks are being blocked…

Don’t waste your time checking your router, the fault is in the new version of Comodo. Many ppl have posted about this issue already here. Sadly nobody has come up with a working solution atm.

So I suggest you turn back to version 2.4 works like a charm with VPN. Guess we’ll have to wait for a probber fix in hopefully next version.

I have been unable to connect to my office via VPN since installing Version 3 or COMODO. This is a show stopper for me. I am able to make the connection (the address shows up under system in View Active Connections), “verfying…” hangs for about a minute, then I get the disconected error 721 box. can see the system TCP Out 65…:1723 with about 600 bytes in each direction message, and I see NOTHING for that address under View Firewall events. HELP???
Do I need to drop back to the previous version. That would be a shame because other wise I really like the new version.
I am use the standard windows VPN connection.

Is this problem solved yet ?
I must say, it is a catastrophe that a Firewall of this kind can’t handle a VPN.
It should be solved asap, since many of us use it on a daily basis.

By the way, I did follow the instructions that gordon gave, without luck…

No, the problem is not solved. I had hoped that since this forum is moderated that someone with Comodo would chime it with at least a workaround. The frustration is that no events are logged at the time of the failure, no pop ups asking me what I want to do, and no events logged. If there were at least events logged I could add a rule.
However, because I still have an old machine running ZoneAlarm I will be able to stick with Comodo V3 (which otherwise I REALLY like, esp. the pop ups that give me a good idea of what is going on and what company a particular program comes from). So for now I just remote terminal to my older computer, do VPN from it, then remote terminal to the computer in my office. This seems to work fine for me, but I would prefer to skip the one extra Remote Terminal step.

Moderators: ARE YOU LISTENING? Surely there is a rule (even if obscure) that can get around this problem. I am just glad I have a backup unit, which also means I am available to test any potential fixes to V3 since I did not have to back up to v2.

Gordon said:
So, You need a rule that allows GRE !
The strange thing here is that you should already have that rule as it is one of the default rules ?
it used to be in 2.4 I have not seen this rule in v3. With some setup it may automatically create it. I do not use VPN so it would not have created one for me

this should have worked, it is what is aloowing v2.4 to connect

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Hello to all,

Can anyone tell me if the new version, offered at
solves “our” VPN problems (by the way, it’s not just a Relakks problem, it seems to me)?

Thanks for any news/help!

According to egemen it is fixed.

* FIXED! VPN Clients cant connect to VPN servers;msg113505#msg113505

Thanks, Coolio10!
I missed this posting of Egemen, sorry.
Have just requested the new version; hoping to receive the new version soon, so that I can try it.

Is there any new solution to this “problem” ?

All I know about the Relakks VPN is that they use protocol 47, port 1723. hostname