How to use TrustConnect?

I’ve signed up with an account, and when I log on to the TrustConnect client, it fails to connect.
Anything you need to do if you’re using a router?

Also, from the mail:

If you have Comodo login already, login here and you will be prompted to enter your invitation code.

I don’t see any place to write the invitation code?


At least you’ve got an invitation code!! (:SAD)

I’ve not been getting much response to my questions here either. I think everyone is away for Christmas LOL…

I have at least managed to connect to it. One thing you might try is checking that your router is set to allow VPN Passthrough.


Yeah, I thought I would need to do some configuration with the router. Anyone that know how I should configure it?
I guess I could use the same configuration as for OpenVPN (since TrustConnect uses OpenVPN)?


Anyone that’s able to answer the question? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can anyone tell me how to acquire TrustConnect?

Post in this topic and you’ll get a mail with a link for the download.


Thanks Ragwing, but i’ve already posted and i never received a reply…i’ll try again.