How to use the AV on-demand ONLY?

When both FW and AV are installed then after some time the “shield” on the main screen turns yellow. And it stay yellow until a complete, finished scan. But!

  1. I don’t wanna scan ALL my disks
  2. anyway when a files accessed even by the OS (when a folder opened for example and Explorer starts to fetch icons) the AV does it job and checks a files. The same happens when a some app are launched.

But while a security level still acceptable enough the “shield” indication still allerts even when the any other components works fine. It’s useless.

How to avoid this useless indication and use the AV on-demand only?

NOTE : This is a workaround - not a program fix!!

The following should be done only when offline.

  1. Disable all “update before scan” options.
  2. Go to the AV setting and click on the EXCLUSIONS tab.
  3. Add all of your drives to the exclusion list.
  4. Perform a complete scan (the scan will not actually do much, because of the exclusions).
  5. The “shield” should now turn green.
  6. Go back to the EXCLUSIONS tab and remove your drives.
  7. Re-enable whatever auto updating you want to occur.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Will try this now, thnx.
But how long should I wait for the result? What time value of this “security check” is?

I believe it’s approximately a month, but I have never actually counted the days.

Well, anybody interested feel free to try this workaround. Looks like it should work. I’ll deinstall the AV part.

One note:
check all” mentioned by panic should b run not via the button under shield but via Antivirus / Run a Scan / My Computer instead

Never mind “should” - it does!! This is the quick and dirty way of finishing up an installation on a known clean system.

Ewen :slight_smile:

if an antivirus tells me, i have to do a full scan often, i would not trust in its guard abillities.

what benefit does a full scan give when you anyway scan your files on entry? and when you get them scanned on each attempt to open it?
is it possible that comodo lets things run, and only a full scan could discover a virus?

these sign drives people away. it doesnt make the computer safer.

I don’t see anything wrong with having a message to run a full scan when the product is first installed, but after a certain period of time to see the message change to say I’ve never run a full scan does indeed seem a bit odd. It gives the impression that the application has lost its mind.

Perhaps a change of wording is in order? Maybe a more subtle, you last ran a full scan on //**, do you wish to run another full scan?

we didnt spoke about the initial scan.

and yes, better a simple information when the last full scan has been made.
without warning colors.
mine tells me among the other informations, “last full scan: never made”. i read that line in the main interface, and i think, so what :smiley: … it doesnt pop into your eyes. its just a line like the others.

information is usefull. warning is not necessary.

I know. I was just pointing out that I don’t think it’s out of line for an AV to ask you to do at least one full scan.