How to use sandbox for browser/mail/messengers/pdf/java?

Hi, I’m new to sandboxing & virtualiztation and wonder how I should configure the “always sandbox” for java,pdf-reader,browser,messengers,…

Also, what kind of programs should I sandbox for security purpose?

Will EMET still work on Sandboxed files?



Please see sandbox FAQs here.

I’m running Dragon inside SandboxIE and it seems to be under the protection of EMET.

See pic below.

I would suggest playing with SandboxIE if you want a user friendly sandbox.

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thanks mouse1 but I was actually looking for a big list of what we should/could sandbox on our system.

E.g. like the EMET tutorial on (a list with all processes and where they are located with a good explenation why we should add them or what could get buggy if we add it).

So far I only know about adding my browser/java (which of the java files?)/pdf reader. Maybe adding foobar,mirc,skype,msn,thunderbird is a good idea ?

Everything internet facing is one view, but I’ll let others post their lists.

A good question.

Note this functionality (ie virtualisation) is going to be greatly improved in CIS 6.0, you may find it a bit limited at present.

Some apps are a bit unstable when virtualised, too.

Best wishes