How to use Predefined Security Policies

I am new and have got confused how to use Comodo Defense.
It would be nice if someone can help me getting started.
I am using Comodo Firewall Free 4.0.138377.779.

Say I want to install software on my machine.
Should I then answer ‘Allow this request’ + ‘Remember my answer’ ?
Or should I answer ‘Treat this application as Installer or Updater’ + ‘Remember my answer’ ?

Also I could not find any difference between ‘Installer or Updater’ and ‘Windows System Application’.
I assume ‘Installer or Updater’ is the same as ‘Trusted Application’ as mentioned in Predefined Security Policies.
So I do not know when to use which one.

Also I cannot see any difference between ‘Block this request’ and ‘Isolated Application’.


Hi jon,

Say you want to install a software:
a. you trust in source: allow&remember (it means CIS will remember to this decision, will not decide reactions of further decisions regarding the next steps).
b. you don’t trust in source: you won’t run it.
c. you trust in source but you don’t like part of the installer (e.g. a toolbar installer in the installer package): allow the installer to run, don’t remember (click allow/block as many times as you wish).

Treat as installer: if you believe the source is good, you can use this option. While choosing “Allow this request” will only allow that exact action, “treat as installer” will automatically allow other actions for the applications (e.g. create registry keys, create files, write files, reach directories, etc.). Remember or not: up to you. If you won’t reinstall this product nowadays or you are not testing an installer, you don’t need to put a stick to the check box at all.

Trusted vs. Windows System: click on Edit, click Access Rights, check Modify window. If you prefer other solutions for that purpose, you shall add it to the wishlist :].


Thanks Ark.
Thanks for your kind answer and help.
I shall reflect on this.
Regards Jon.