How to Use Firewall, AV, etc.

Where do I look for info on config of firewall, AV, etc.
I just got it and went to open my word processor and Comodo blocked it 3 times, each required an approval then finally a WP screen opened. Must be some way for it to recognize programs already installed and let them work (I have many). Is all this posted on this site somewhere? Thanks ThorOdinson

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First place to look is Miscellaneous > Help
Comodo has quite good comprehensive manual there.

Then in any case it is necessary to read what is in those windows to get used to Alerts
(the format; what they say; information they are providing). Could be boring at the beginning but it never hurts to be acquainted with all that.

Most likely those were messages from Defense+. You have to set the Level of Security and respective Mode appropriate to your needs. The number of Alerts depends on that.

It is not the fact that behavioural part should not alert you just because you have many programs known to you and others. Sure there are many white listed processes. But there could be situation where Defense+ has to learn the behaviour and relationships.
For example, you may not open Word from shortcut, but you could open <>.doc(x) which was in attachment.
In this case the Patent Application is different (your e-mail client)… etc.

And then when you are inside the Word or any Application it may have connections (links) to outside world. So you will be alerted by Firewall and so on you have to set those rules.

Installation process is different. Usually you are getting more alerts performing Setups.
The mode you are (rather Comodo) currently in during installation is important too regarding number of Alerts.

I hope you will get that from Help file and reading this forum
Definitely never hesitate to ask questions. You will get good assistance in this forum

*** Added *** I forgot this helpful tutorial by .FaZio93.;new#new

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