How to use downloaded skins

I’ve downloaded some skins for chrome but i don’t know where to move these skin files in comodo directory. Can you help me?

I tried to enable the default skin Chrome skin for Comodo Dragon. So, I went to (this link is included in the theme section from CD). I clicked to the themes from Google and enabled the default skin:

However, Comodo Dragon still has its original look. Can someone help?

Those themes work fine for me but i want to use themes downloaded from but i don’t know where i will copy the theme files. In google chrome there’s a directory called themes but in comodo dragon there’s none. I guess comodo browser doesn’t support additional themes. Can somebody confirm that?

You’re right - only the ‘classic’ theme is not working. It just loads the default skin for Dragon again, instead of loading the default Google Chrome skin. Is it possible to enable the default Google Chrome skin, including the appropriate buttons?

Why doesn’t anyone say anything? You can even say it’s not supported.

I guess most CD users are only interested in the more ‘techie’ stuff & not bothered about skins which have nothing to do with how CD works.

Well, as it looks really ugly in my opinion (it attractes way to much attention), I only want that CD plays nicely with the theme page from Google. However, as CD just replaced the default skin instead of adding their own next to the default skin, the buttons are always different and the deault skin (of Chrome) cannot be used.

I hope the devs can fix this in a future version, but I understand that other issues have a higher priority.

nice post, thanks for tips