How to use avast with CIS?

If u want both avast free and CIS, do the following,

i assume that CIS installed,

  1. do a custom installation of avast free,

  2. uncheck all shields and CHECK ONLY BEHAVIOR SHIELD.

  3. update avast also. so we can scan files or drives manually with avast also.

  4. avast users report that the right click scan is slow. to solve this problem:

  5. go to settings->check show special scans in avast user interface, then next…

  6. go to scan computer->scan now->scan from windows explorer(click more details)->settings->uncheck scan all files->check content(through but slow)->click ok

  7. after changing this setting, if u don’t want special scans in scan computer simply uncheck show special scans in avast user interface in settings.

i used avast free for 3 years, when i know about CIS, i changed to CIS permanently but now i am using avast also with only behavior shield installed during custom installation.

Note: add avast processed to CIS and CIS processes to avast behavior shield as trusted processes. No problem even if u don’t do this.

don’t change the expert settings in behavior shield, it will slow u down, they should be in default.

Hmmm… I can’t see what will worth with CIS and Defense+ (with HIPS and sandbox)…
avast Behavior Shield is the last guy in the yard and, although it’s improving, it not the front end of avast protection.

Indeed you could do that, but will it worth?

I agree. Not that a it’s redundant, but that it simply doesn’t make sense when what d+ can do supplements the need for a behavior blocker with more control. I’d rather keep the file scanner. Which reminds me, don’t you need to install the file scanner for the signatures to have any viable use? behavior blockers don’t scan per se, but identifies through as the name implies, behavior in realtime. No need for signature. Only module updates. For short, you have to install the file scanner if you want to scan with avast. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to find anything in the scan. Or am I missing something here?

About the “right-click scan,” (not sure if that’s the actual term for it. don’t ask. i don’t know either) i think it’s designed for scanning particular files, not folders. if it’s folders with a lot of files in it, you can opt for the custom scan but there’d be no difference, really. Right clicking just makes every custom scan all the more easy for us. If you’re not sure what’s causing trouble (which would seem to be the only reason why you’d want to scan a whole folder), wouldn’t you rather to have all files scanned rather than leaving some things, which may be suspicious, unchecked?

I feel that avast is the better av than comodo’s own av. it’s faster, with higher detection rates, highly configurable, more comprehensive (thanks to it’s boot-time scan and a bunch of other available scans), and a good track for years. In my opinion, the “perfection” in prevention is not by using the whole suite, but mainly because of its firewall coupled with D+ with sandbox. Not the av. I think the av is just for show. It’s good, but it’s not competing well, greatly undermining its purpose in being the preferred over. Proof? Hm. Configure the firewall and d+ to the strongest possible configuration (you might want to ask others for help here). now see if you can get the same result for avast as in comodo.If you get the same result, then try it without an av. Same result? Now try it without d+ and see who blocks the most malicious softwares. Haven’t done it so I may be wrong. But if you do perform this test and prove me wrong, then, please, do tell. ;D