How to use autosandbox properly?

I probably already asked a similar question, but I just can’t get over the fact that by default CIS basically dumps everything that it doesn’t know in the sandbox (unless it was present on the system before CIS). It’s for the security, I get that, but in many cases I feel it’s more trouble then it’s worth. Or perhaps I misunderstand something.

So, let’s try to come up with a scenario, maybe it’ll help you understand what I’m trying to say, and me to understand how to use CIS properly.

So, let’s say you need to go somewhere for a month, like on vocation, but you need to leave your PC, or notebook at home, because your mom (or dad, or brother, etc) needs it. And let’s say that person doesn’t really know much about Internet security, yet likes to download and try out almost everything (s)he sees.

So, you install CIS (or reconfigure it), do you set default setting, or change something?
You tell your family member that you got CIS is on the case, so the computer is protected, and go to your vocation.

Now, the interesting part, what do you do, or what will your say if your family member calls you after a few days \ a week and says:

  1. I’ve tried to install a program, your Comodo asked what do I want to do with it, I clicked on recommended button, and now I can’t find the program I installed, where is it?

  2. I’ve downloaded UpdateFlashPlayer54.exe and now I got a text on my desktop saying something about paying $300 (but everything else seem to work) what should I do? Oh and your CIS said something about program isolated or virtualized or something when I ran updateflashplayer.

Do you advise your family member to just clear the sandbox? If so then…

2a) (a few hours later) Thanks, that text with $300 is gone but now I can’t find programs I installed earlier (assuming you directed you family member to the virtual kiosk in question 1), where are they?

  1. How do I uninstall , I see it in kiosk, but I can’t find it in add\remove programs.

Sorry for long winded post, but I thought it would help to describe a probable situation.

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