How to use 1Password Plugings in Shopping mode

I have tried to install 1password plugging/Extension for Chrome or Firefox in the shopping desktop but seems there is issue in opening the extensions, i have installed successfully but after using it, it says your desktop is not securely connected, how to resolve this issue??

A remote connection is detected? It’s a bit unclear from your description.

I mean when I installed 1 password extension in secure shopping and activated, then when i click on the extension to fill the user id and password into the forms of banking or any other shopping sites, the extension windows of 1 passwords opens in normal desktop and that time there is a warning that remote connection detected, Secure shopping is not useful unless you also allow access to your password manager because now a days who remembers passwords ?? I have most of / all passwords are auto generated with 20 characters and with all those security. I can not type these passwords with keyboard. Please look into this as how to allow access to password plugings and also its windows to show in secure desktop. (if you dont understand then please install 1password trial and try to use that in secure shopping.

Hmm. Yes. I’ll report it. It’s probably a false-positive. (Remote connections are detected with heuristics.)