How to Usb Flash Drive Auto scan on insertion?

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This is my first post so please excuse if I havent posted in the correct area. :-[

I am looking for information on how to enable a scan to be done on a usb flash drive each time its inserted, I take my little 8GB flash drive to work and am terrified of transporting something nasty back to my home p.c or vica versa.

Would someone be so kind as to inform me if this option is possible, if so how this is done, a big thanks in advance for any information regarding this.

there is no need to do a scan. If there is some file inside that is malicious a few things happen. Comodo Av looks inside of it because when you open the folder to look inside it does a scan of the files. If there is something that is missed by the AV, but is active D+ will let you know the instant that malware tries to do anything or the firewall will let you know if anything from the drive tries to access the net.

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We dont use comodo’s firewall as I.T has a dedicated firewall and other rocket science things going on…

Have a concern that with all the exploits and advertising malware type stuff out there including the relatively untill recently unheard of Iframe threat / exploits.

If I have an issue, more than likely from the kids activities, then i dont want to risk infecting my workstation. If i’m not allowed to have comodo firewall, which I think will be the case then if a client has info on cd/dvd or pen / flash drive then nasties can just walk in the backdoor.

My work does C.V’s and transcriptions for clients and they frequently bring in there own media which is “a major potential hazzard for the I.T to manage”.

AFAIK, atleast in my case, CIS catches the malicious files from USB when it tries an ‘autorun’. To protect, I think it is better to keep the heuristic of ‘realtime scanner’ at ‘High’ and keeping CIS on ‘On Access’ (Right Click CIS-Antivirus Security Level-On Access). I think this will take care of most of the nasties trying to install ‘on its own’. It will also take care of malware trying to install when you click on such a file (provided signature is available).

However, the present feature of right click scan is better as it can be used by those who want it. All persons may not want their USB to be scanned every time they insert it as it may be time consuming.

Disable the autorun for USB sticks in Windows.

Your I.T. department is responsible for security.

I.T. should protect your computer and their entire network from any virus brought in by a client.

The sensible thing is to ensure adequate protection at the point where the media is introduced,
either at your P.C. or a separate P.C. that is dedicated to scanning all media coming in and going out.

If the I.T. department does this, you should be able to use the same facilities with your own flash drive.

If the I.T. department omits to do this, they are overdue a wake-up call ! !