How to upgrade without internet connection

I am using Comodo Firewall Version 3.13.121240.574. Recently I got a pop up saying updates are ready for my product. I checked the website and Version 3.13.125662.579 is released. Now I have limited bandwidth at my home and I don’t want to use 40 to download the updated from my pc. I asked one of my friend to dowwnload the New installler CIS_Setup_3.13.125662.579_XP_Vista_x32.exe for me and copied to my home pc.
But when I run this new installer on my home pc (running Comodo Firewall Version 3.13.121240.574), it prompts me saying firwall already installed, do u want to add/remove components or un-install. I tried selecting add/remove but it did not updated my firewall to latest version.

Is there any other way to update my version without going for the normal way of updating via internet ?
If nothing works then I guess I have to export my current configuration and do fresh install of the new version and import my settings.
But if there is any other way around it , then please share.


Have you tried to uninstall first via the control panel?. You may also want to use the cleaner tool available here:

Hope this helps.


I haven’t tried un-installing from control panel. I am just asking what should be the correct way of updating comodo firewall in my case. usually if you try to install a new version of a software,it automatically updates your current version with all settings saved (for e.g. - firefox).

But it seems that it’s not the same way in Comodo.

I just want to know , how can I update my firewall manually.

ok. I have exported my configuration and un-installed Comodo firewall , rebooted and installed the latest version i.e. 3.13.125662.579.

After restarting my pc , if i check updates , it still shows update available. If I click on details , it takes me to the webpage where my installed version is stated as latest version

is anything I am doing wrong or is it supposed to work like this

The latest version is 3.13.126709.581. However the page you went to is always daayyysss behind with the actual version. That’s a bit of a sore to us…

Just let the updater update to the latest version and be good to go. In case you want the installer you can get it in COMODO Internet Security 3.13.126709.581 Released. The official download page does not provide the latest version yet.