¿How to upgrade Comodo Firewall from version 3.10 to version 3.13?


I have Comodo Firewall 3.10 installed and I wan to to update it to the lastest version. Before doing that, I woul like to know a couple of things:

  1. ¿Can I install the new version over the one I have installed without losing my personal configurations?

  2. I have exported my setings by doing this: Miscellaneous > Manage my configurations > Export > Select a path > and then I seved the file. By the way, in this last step there is no extension suggested for that file, so it was saved without any extension. ¿Is this the right way to save my personal configurations in case that I need them if I have to format my hard drive or install CIS in my other PC?

PS: English is my second language, so don´t hesitate to aks if something is not properly written.

  1. If you want a clean install, I wouldn’t recommend installing over an older version. Uninstall the old version and install the newer one. Or, just run the internal updater: Misc>Check for Updates

  2. The extension for the backup should be .cfg

  3. You can share the .cfg file between other computers: Misc>Manage My Configurations>Import

Thanks a lot L.A.R. Grizzly!

You’re welcome! Hope everything works out! :wink: