How to update?

Comodo 5.3.181415.1237 says there is an update, will start downloading and get to various percentages complete then an error.

black.set 0X80072ee2, portuguese.lang 0X80072ee2, cfp.exe 0X80072ee2, etc.

Did the obligatory google and other searches, found info but no ‘this is how you actually get Comodo to update’ solution or I missed that particular information.

So how do I work around this?

Error 0X80072ee2 is an internet time out error. This could just be the servers where overloaded at the time (a lot of people will be getting the update). Maybe try again a couple of times or download a fresh copy of 5.4.189822.1355 from here uninstall the old version and install the new one.
You can export your configuration before you uninstall then import it on installation of the new version (if you end up going that route).

Maybe run the diagnostics before you try to update and see if it reports any problems.

Sorry for the troubles your having, hopefully it will sort itself out. What speed is your internet connection?


Thanks for the response.
I don’t know the exact speed but it is from a local wireless provider and is the only thing available in my area other than dialup or super expensive satelite.

I saw the balloon notice and have tried at least a dozen times and several times today.
It always fails on different files, is there no resume on such a timeout?

Looks like I will have to forget about it and try again in a week or so.