How to update

I know this has probably been asked (did a search, but didn’t find answer).

I keep getting an update message when I log into Vista. So I decided to log into my admin account and update there, but Comodo says no new updates available. I switch back to my limited user, and it says I have updates available. What’s going on? How do I update and make sure it is truly updated?

What version are you using. If its then thats the latest version.

Dang, knew I forgot to look something up…Not sure any more…got fed up with the message that I uninstalled, then reinstalled the Comodo so it’s no longer coming up.

I know it’s do to the UAC, but how do I get it to update when I am not on my admin account for the next time it happens without having to resort to the uninstall/reinstall routine?

I dont use Vista but be sure to read all the sticky’s.