how to update to the latest version

I just updated CIS but stucked on and not the lastest .8012.
When checking for updates CIS says i am up-to-date.
How can I update manually? I know I can download the installer but how to install it then without loosing my settings/data?

Export your settings to a safe location. Then re-import to the new version.

Also don’t forget to Exchange (Export) tour Trusted File list along with your Config

If you’re just updating and not doing a Clean Install, then your present Config should be saved in the settings and will just need to be activated

No clean install, just updating. But the question was how to update if the UI does ot offer the new update to version .8012 version?

It’s an unknown if or when Comodo is going to offer the update through CIS. If you want, the only ways are from the forum links or direct from the Comodo page for CIS: Best Internet Security Software 2022 | Antivirus Total Security

Thanks, but the question is how should i upgrade from the installers? Install the new version over the old one in the same Windows explorer? Or is there a way to implement the installer in the UI, so that the UI will recognize the installer and start the update inside the UI?

Just run the installer from the download link. Make sure to have the saved Config and Files as mention and that’s it. There’s no other way through the GUI that I know of

why should i save the Trusted files? I have not modify anything there

Some users do and import them afterwards, but if that doesn’t matter to you the there is no reason to

But why? Do the diffent versions have defferent Trusted files?

No they don’t, but after a lot of installs with different software etc. some users like to keep their own list. It can save on some popups as a new CIS install ‘gets used’ to the user and system. It’s a personal preference and if you haven’t in the past, then there’s no need to bother with it now

Why Comodo does not want to let the update through the CIS?

We don’t know. That’s up top them I’m afraid . . . . they haven’t for quite some time

Hi cska133,

Thank you for reporting, we will check with developers and update you.

What exactly ?!