how to update comodo dragon portable?

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about subject:
having this trouble for long time(maybe few years), using only portable version about 3 past years and planning to continue doing so. (dragon stored in encrypted portable drive)
after update, history and favorites are in place, but extensions are all missing. copying extensions files from old dragon folder not helping. they are not displayed in ext list in settings menu.
not using google account to sync extentions and settings because of major issues - sync problems in favorites, and if “one old good” extension ceases to exist in market it also will not be installed locally.

Hi and welcome somelegaldownloaduser,
To update the portable version, run the installer select portable and select the current location your portable is stored and the new version should overwrite your existing version.
I am not sure what happened in your case.

In regards to the missing extensions for any that come with Dragon, Drag’n’Drop the required .crx file from the Your Portable Location\Dragon\extensions folder into an open extensions window.
For any others from the store, you may need to re-download and install them from the store again.

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captainsticks, thankyou. is theres a way how to restore settings for extentions ?
i have 2 portable dragons for different purposes. one of them was updated successfully with extensions in place, while other not. i suspect because they have 2 different version. most important one wasnt updated long time ago so i think maybe it have very old version and incompatible with update. (Version (portable))

Hi somelegaldownloaduser,
Unfortunately I do not know of a way to restore extension settings for those that needed to be re-installed, sorry :frowning:

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