How to unrar several rar files..??

Well lets say you got a rar file, that contains 20 rar files and in those 20 rar files you got the files…

Is there a simple way to unrar many rar files at once? or do I have to go the long way? (selecting one rar file at a time…?) cheers =) :-TU :-TU

You means this?
(with winrar)

You have a rar file. The name is boy.rar for example…
There are 20 rar files in boy.rar.
1.Extract boy.rar have 20 rar files now
3.if it’s not divided files 20 rar files all at once Right mouse button(to do so, ;integration with shell; must be checked in the winrar option) can choose a.extract to same folder(or here)
b.extract to separated folder

is that what you want to do? ???

Ahh extract here…!

You saved my day Creasy, that was exactly what I was trying to do! :-TU :-TU
But I don’t have any rar files called “boy.rar”… Maby "hotgirls.rar… 8) But no “boy.rar” ;D.

Alright. now there is another useful thing you want to know.

You have 200 jpg files.
But the file names are completly different.
You want to change them as a right order.
ex)hotboy.jpg, hotboy1.jpg,hotboy2.jpg…hotboy200.jpg files all at once
2.move your cursor on the first of the file right mouse button
4.choose ‘change name’
5.after change the name, hit the enter
6.something will be happened.