How to unlock Quarantine/Locked Files on external USB drive??

I have an external USB drive that I move back and forth between laptops.

There are some files that are locked on this external hard drive…I assume they were locked by the Comodo Virus Quarantine…however they are not on the quarantined list on either computer.

Is there a way to unlock these files? I cannot even copy them to another hard drive, and cannot execute them either.


Try to take ownership of the folders.

I took ownership and still the problem persists. I have no idea what is locking them or why…but they are ones that are identified by the virus scanner. I think one time I told the scanner to quarantine them…but now cannot unlock them.

I have two laptops. The drive could have been mounted on either when the files were locked, but now neither can access them.

This is a total long shot. Try letting the av scan the usb drive and then let it detect and then delete the files.