How to uninstall v3 or reset all settings to default

I recently installed v3 firewall to supercede Windows (ha ha) firewall. Thought it was great when I first installed it, but now I’ve run into difficulties.
The main problem is it won’t let my network connect to the internet through ICS unless I disable the firewall. I’ve read all the posts here and have tried some of the fixes, none of which have worked for me, but now I’m worried that I’ve ■■■■■■■ with some of the settings and have made the system vulnerable. Plus, the firewall detected my network when it was first installed, but I then had to set it all up manually anyway as it would not connect using automatic IP addresses, so now I have about 4 trusted networks and I don’t know which one to delete without wrecking what I’ve already configured to work - I’m not that hot on networking and IP addressing.
Reading the posts it seems the best way would be to uninstall v3 and install v2.4, gt familiar with that first, then upgrade when the bugs in v3 are fixed. So question is, how can I reset all settings to default, or if there is not a way, how best to uninstall v3 for a retrograde version?
Don’t really want to get rid of this but can’t think of another way round it!

John, you will probably get several different opinions on this. But I would recommend uninstalling CFP 3.0 and reverting back to v2.4. A bug-fix package is expected for v3.0 within the next few days. In the meantime, see my post:;msg110608#msg110608

I have uinstalled and reinstalled v3 probably half a dozen times (wanted to try different things).
Just want to say that it unistalls very cleanly.
USSS instructions are very comprehensive.
jv16 PowerTools are very good: used them for many years.
Am currently using RegSeeker as my registry cleaner.



like USSS said, go back to the old version

here is a link i copied from another post from this forum.

it will get you comodo version back, just select your language .

make sure you completely un-install comodo V3.