How to Uninstall the comodo?

Seems no one could answer why the CIS aplication agent is not running even the Uninstall is not working either is there any posibilty to uninstall the CIS? every time i tried to uninstall the CIS even i used the revo as an uninstaller still not working… It keeps saying that " The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem to this package. the error code 2318" Please help me to solve this problem! It creates a big impact to my system. :cry:

Since you had a problem with some drivers not properly loading when you installed it, it must be related to why you couldn’t uninstall it too.

Since you haven’t listed your OS, I recommend installing the latest MSI 4.5 first:

Then, you have a couple of options to take: either manually search your registry for the word “comodo” and delete each key or attempt to reinstall CIS (in order to uninstall later if you choose).

Failing that, try to install or uninstall in Safe Mode because it at least prevents most or all 3rd party drivers from loading and conflicting.

I use window vista service pack2 32 bit. well i guess I solved the problem now, I just used system restore and everything works fine again… The problem on comodo is not working on startup and the application agent stop working (cmdagent.exe) even the update cant download because of this some of my software cant open up… I guess that the sandbox made this even my epowermanagement stop working after isolate by sandbox… The uninstall? i cant understand why the comodo pack has problem like this, its a totally pain seriously. CIS is good but need more Improvements! I might reinstall CIS again when a serious problem like this is fix and when improve their system…

If the sandbox gives you problems you can disable it immediately after installing but before rebooting.