how to uninstall properly?

After the disastrous update last week, I’ve uninstalled comodo.

However, I still have two folders in my account directory with names like:

They contain stuff pertaining to comodo’s inspect.sys driver

· Are these folders safe to delete?
· Is it likely that other stuff has been left on my machine? If so how do I get rid of it?


Hi Anti, I really can’t help you with your leftover files but for future program removal, you might want to get the REVO Uninstaller. It is very small (1MB), works wonders and does not miss a thing.

You can get it here:

To see if there is stuff left open Control Panel → Administrative tools → Services and see if there is a Comodo service running. If so select,click right, properties and change start up type to disabled.

Then go to Device Manager and under View set to show hidden devices. Then look under Non Plug and Play devices for Comodo driver. When there is select, click right, uninstall and reboot.

Run a registry cleaner like Comodo System Cleaner to further clean: .