How to uninstall Internet Security?

Can someone please post instructions or post a link to instructions on how to uninstall the latest version of the Comodo Internet Security?

I do not have any icons in ADD/REMOVE programs on my Windows XP, NOR is there a folder in my Programs Menu for Comodo with an option to uninstall.

In my eyes this is bordering on MALWARE.

Try Revo Uninstaller :slight_smile:

Try reinstalling CIS and see if you get the program in the add/remove programs list.


I hope this helps because I too had the same problem with Comodo Internet Security 3.5 not being listed in the Control Panel under add/remove programs. I read on Comodo there is a way to manually remove the program but could not figure it out. Finally, I just reinstalled the program into the same directory (C:/Program Files/Comodo/COMODO Internet Security). After doing so, it was back in the Add/Remove Program list. Then I just removed as usual and woo hoo! it was finally removed from my system. I have Windows XP with Service Pack 3. I hope this helps!


Maybe you have some real malware on your system, because uninstall is available on both my XP and vista in both the places you mention.

What you are saying is not normal with CIS.

Well all I can say I am glad I was told about this forum I think I have had a close shave.

I purchased a new computer for Christmas as a treat for my self searching the net for security software I found out about Comodo firwall and how good it is having till now used Zonealarm.

Reading in the archived forum about problems uninstalling or upgrading this software I think I will stick to ZoneAlarm and AVG anti virus.

I was considering the Pro Version of Comodo but no longer, i have installed and de installed and upgraded many versions of ZoneAlarm with no problems at all.

Yes the system slows down a bit but I would prefere to sacrifice performance over killing my system totally like it seems this programme does.

So thanks guys for all the helpfull comments and critisism you have posted like I said i think I have had a narrow escape and will be sticking to ZoneAlarm Pro and AVG

you mean, you won’t try CIS cos you saw many negative comments & criticisms by unhappy users here?
errr,usually when someone’s happy with a product they won’t say anything. some ppl have problem & post it here, but there are more happy users who don’t say anything.
why not create a system restore, try CIS (the FREE one) & see if you like it or not. should anything bad happen, you can restore your system back. :slight_smile:
btw, CIS PRO is not a different product. it’s the same with CIS FREE with additional:
trust connect & support

more info on the download page :slight_smile: