How to uninstall GeekBuddy from Comodo Firewall?

I installed Comodo Firewall and during the install the program decided on its own to install Geek Buddy and I think another app other than the firewall. How can I uninstall Geek Buddy without uninstalling Comodo Firewall?

I think that you chose to do the custom install with everything that was included with CIS which is Geekbuddy and Comodo Dragon. To uninstall GeekBuddy, Go to the start menu and go to the Comodo folder. There is a Geekbuddy sub folder that should be under Comodo. Click on that and one of the options should be to uninstall Geekbuddy. Click that and then follow the directions to uninstall it. You may do the same with Comodo Dragon if you wish.

Thanks. I just uninstalled the whole application. I totally overlooked the Customize Installer due to the smaller type size for the option under the HUGE Agree and Install button.

I may reinstall the app later.

So, do you mean you uninstalled CIS entirely?

I uninstalled Comodo Firewall program completely.

You could have just gone to Control panel, Add/Remove programs and found separate entries for both GB & Dragon with the ability to uninstall.

I looked for a GeekBuddy entry in add remove programs but could not find one. It was late at night so I may have missed it. Was more frustrated at getting applications installed that I did not need nor want.

Hey Comodo, you are screwing the pooch by ramming this Geekbuddy down our throats. I can live with the pop-up spam, but cannot accept some remote desktop app that keeps trying to get onto my machine against my will. You are eroding your brand by doing this.

You will only see it twice and when you tell it to no longer show it is gone…

No it’s not,.it’s keep popping up.

I hate to say this,.but i really love comodo especially the firewall, i disbanded Ksky Internet Security, because i didn’t like their firewall feature, but i keep the Ksky Anti Virus to work along with Comodo.

I’m seriously thinking to switch over completely to Comodo AV/Internet security once the subscription with K*****sky is finnished, but this geek buddy make me think again. I don’t like GeekBuddy/RDP.

Btw,.i’m making a forum account to just saying this.
(Found this post when googling “Uninstall Geek Buddy”)