How to uninstall Comodo Internet Security

Comodo is going crazy lately. Every time I open a personal document, web page, or email or any kind, I get a pop-up window asking for my approval. Even when I approve a web site, such as Yahoo, it continues to ask me for approval at least 10 times. It takes up about 1/4 of my computer screen. Why can’t I just approve it and be done with it? These are applications that I use every day. I would like to uninstall it, but Comodo does not show up on my list of installations in my “uninstall” Control list. Exactly where is it so I can uninstall it. Please, this is so annoying. I just have to get rid of it. I am fed up with these pop-up windows. And it’s just not when I start up my computer. It’s all day long. It’s like playing whack-a-mole, except it’s not fun or funny. I already have someone else for my security.

It sounds like these alerts are from Comodo Internet Security. If you want to uninstall CIS go to the start menu and look up the CIS entry and choose the Add and Remove components option. In the start menu you can also find a link to uninstall Dragon.

Assuming you are running the default installation you may have a broken configuration. A quick way of getting around this is importing and activating a factory default configuration. You can import and activate a configuration from Configuration. The factory default configurations can be found in the CIS installation folder. When importing give the configuration an appropriate name like My Internet Security Config. That way you won’t overwrite an existing configuration.

If it’s a CIS popup than select: treat this application as web browser check remember and click ok!

Thank you for your kind response. They are “Defense Alert” and “Firewall Alert” popups from Comodo. For instance, this morning I went to my desktop without clicking on any icons. “MCUICnt.exe” popped up in my Firewall alert. I hadn’t even opened anything. I clicked on “Trusted application,” “submit file to Comodo,” and “Accept.” It came up 60 times! I counted. Yesterday I had a pop-up for a Sticky Note on my desktop I had created 4 months ago. It said “Stikynot.exe”. I allowed it, knowing it was my Sticky Note, and I accepted this as a “Trusted application,” and it still kept popping up over and over again. I lost count after 40 times. All of these alerts are from Comodo. I don’t use the Comodo browser. Until I visited your site recently, I didn’t even know Comodo had a browser available. These pop-ups are why I think it would be best to uninstall Comodo Dragon and reinstall it, as I do like their deep scanning for virus feature. Unfortunately, CD is not listed in my Control Center to uninstall it. I have uninstalled software before so I know where to look for it. I did take the advice of another courteous helper to go into my Comodo Firewall Alert default and click on a box so that the pop-ups would stop, but that didn’t work.

Dragon must be in the Add/Remove programs list. If it’s not than there is something wrong with your Windows OS and not with Dragon.

Comodo Dragon IS a Comodo Web browser.

You just said you are not using a Comodo browser (which therefore means you are not using Comodo Dragon).

I think you may be confusing Comodo Dragon (which is one of Comodo’s Browsers) with Comodo Internet Security (which as the antivirus, firewall, and defense plus).

I am guessing that you DO NOT have Comodo Dragon installed, and therefore it is not on your application list.
I am also guessing that you DO have Comodo Internet Security (CIS) installed, and that is what is giving you all of the alerts.

If you want to uninstall CIS, then you must look for Comodo Internet Security (CIS) on your application list, and uninstall it.

Hope that helps

Yes, yes, yes! It is the internet security CIS. Comodo Internet Security or CIS are not listed in Control Center to uninstall either. There is absolutely nothing with “Comodo” or “CIS” on that list. That is why I’m puzzled. I installed CIS when I first purchased my laptop over four years ago. I am so sorry for giving wrong information, but as I have admitted over and over again, I am tech challenged at 66 years old. It’s not that I can’t learn. It’s just that I have more important things to do than play whack-a-mole with these pop-ups that are so out of control. Where else could CIS be hidden? I clicked on the start menu and right-clicked on Comodo. “Properties” came up. Is there anything I can change there to uninstall it? I see a “C” prompt, but I have no idea where to type a “C” prompt. Also, I am afraid of removing something and then being totally locked out of Comodo so I can’t make any changes. I am totally inept, confused, and concerned. thanks for sticking with me throughout this ordeal.

What windows system are you using? (XP, 7 , 8, etc.)
Do you know if you are using 32 bit or 64 bit system?

If using windows 7, Go to the start menu in the lower left hand corner of windows, click the icon, then click on “all programs”, find the comodo folder and click on it, then open the Internet security folder. Now tell me what you see listed inside the internet security folder.

Yes, I am using Windows 7. Following your instructions, under Comodo Internet Security I found: Add or Remove Components, Comodo Internet Security, and Endpoint Security Manager.

For what it’s worth, I also right-clicked on Comodo icon to Troubleshoot Compatibility, also tried to deactivate permanently in Defense+, but the computer didn’t restart automatically. I restarted manually and the check mark in the box in Defense+ was gone. On the initial page of Comodo when I open it says: “Defense+ is not functioning property. Run Diagnostics.” When I clicked on “Run Diagnostics,” nothing happened. No response. Under Defense+, I also checked the box that said “don’t show popup alerts,” but they still continue to popup.

Also went to Computer/Acer (C:)/Program Files/Comodo to delete the program. It stated “action can’t be completed because folder is open. Close folder and try again.” I didn’t have it open. I even opened and closed it again. And it says the same thing.

I don’t know if any of this info is relevant. Just wanted to apprise you of what I have tried for the past 1-1/2 hours.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Can you look under Manage CIS Configurations what configuration you have active? I am curious to why you get bombarded by alerts? That is either because something is up with the configuration you’re using or you made changes to one of the default configurations.

If you feel uninstalling or reinstalling is the way to go for you follow Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems by my colleague Chiron. It will provide a reliable clean starting point.

Thank you so much, Eric. I was finally able to remove it through Start/Programs/Comando/Remove. I appreciate your advice and will try to reinstall at a later date. Thanks to everyone who responded to my dismay!!!

Keep us posted. I have changed the topic title to reflect the problem is about CIS. I will move it to the appropriate board now.