How to undo change made by "Define a New Trusted Application"?[RESOLVED]

The title basically says it all.

I just wanted to undo a change I made, however, I couldn’t find a option in Comodo that would do that.

Thanks. (R)

If you use the “Define a new Trusted Application” function it will give the application a rule in Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy------>“Allow all Requests”
Just highlight said rule in “Network Security Policy” and then select “Remove” and then hit APPLY
The rule for the application will now be no more.


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[font=tahoma]Nice to see you Matty and thanks for the prompt reply. I understand now.

Just a quick question, why is WMP blocked in the screenshot? Would there be any reason for that?

Thanks, (B)

I just don`t really like certain apps “phoning home” without any reason,which wmp does :-TD

Glad its sorted ill mark this topic resolved,if ya need it re-opening pm an online mod