how to undo/cancel a block?


alert came up and I clicked the block box and now I want to undo that block. how to do it?

comodo said the file was unsafe however it is a necessary file to access to fun Jscript script file Or something similar.



Hi msongs,welcome to the forums,

Did you block it with the Defence+ or Firewall module of CIS?
If so have a look in Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy
Or Firewall/Advanced/Network security policy

Could you have a look at the logs–>Defence+/view Defence+ events/Click on “More” to access all the logs and post exactly what you blocked.


pls give me the step by step downloading of cis rc2. actually i have already downloaded it but the problem is i put all my pending files to blocked files now after ive done that most of all my programs not properly initialize.even the cis of my computer did not open it anymore.i try to down load a simple program but always tell me its an error?do you think im going to install again cis rc2 and remove the former one?pls give me idea what to do. thank you very much

Hi ycrep,

Could you please state what operating system you are using and what other security software you have installed.

Can you boot up into “Safe Mode”(press F8 key while computer is booting)

If yes then when in safe mode go to ProgramFiles\Comodo\ComodoInternetSecurity–>double click on the entry cfp.exe–>This should bring up the Main Interface
From there go to Defence+/My Blocked Files,and remove all the entries
Re-boot your computer normally.

Can you see CIS in Add/Remove programs?