How to unblock?

I like CIS, but I have to say this is the most unintuitive system for finding stuff. I have spent that past twenty minutes searching with Google, the Help system and scouring these forums.

The problem is the user-interface is constantly changing and the Help is out of date. It used to be difficult with previous versions, but now it seems impossible to EASILY find stuff.

I had a notification pop up this morning with SP-something is trying to access 201.ip something so I blocked it.

Turns out the SP was Samsung Printer so now I need to unblock it.

I be ■■■■■■ if I can find where to do that. Can someone please help?

Hell, I can’t even find where the current version number is, but it is the latest version with the rotating first page.

Follow the steps in the screens shown
select SP - your printer in step 3 click on it to highlight it then proceed to step 4
hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thanks TreeFrog, a true Hero! :slight_smile:

Why do they bury this stuff so deep and then not cover it in the Help. ← Rhetorical question.

No worries and no comment :slight_smile: