How to Unblock something that was blocked by accident


This was posted as a comment at Comodo.TV. Can you please help this customer? I have advised him as to the whereabouts of this Forums post…

Hi, Can you please tell me how to unblock a program that i accidently blocked with the firewall, thank you.


Hi Bill & Peter,

You can unblock this by opening the CIS GUI select Firewall, Advanced, Network Security Policy.
Now you have to find the specific application in the policy.

Once you have found it you can decide to remove the existing rule to start all over again, or you can select a predefined rule like “Outgoing Only” to do this you have to double click on the application name rule and it will open “Application Network Access Control” window where you can tweak your settings.

If you wish to “delete” the settings for this application simply select it and press the ‘Remove’ button and after that ‘Apply’ the policy. Once that’s done start the application again and CIS should start to alert you for it so you can chose an action of your liking.