how to unblock program

hi there!

recently i installed CFP3 in exchange for CFP 2.4 and allow program that are previously installed in my pc. my problem is I cant open my open office document eventhough i already allow it during the first hour of learning from CFP 3. my question is how to unblock it. second how can I allow recent block programs from running.

thanks (:WAV)

Go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and look down the list to see what you blocked.

i set them all t trusted application and I still cant open the open office documents

Look at your D+ events and see whats blocked.

It is possible you have blocked something in Run an Executable because in Trusted it is set to ask screenshot below.
So if you delete the rule for soffice.exe and swriter.exe you should no have to delete soffice.bin.
Run open office again and set your alerts again.

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