How to unblock Chromecast

Hi all,

I recently bought a Chromecast that I am using with 2 smartphones without problem.
I try to cast from my W10 Pc to the Chromecast but when I press Cast button in Chrome it doesn’t find anything.
There is nothing in the log.
The only solution I found is : go to network settings, modifiy the settings of the wifi card, go to the wifi card properties and disable Comodo driver.
There must be a better way to achieve this but I coud not find it !
Need some help please.


Trust your home network under manage networks task and you might need to set chrome to an allowed application ruleset in firewall application rules.


Thanks for the fast answer.
My home network was already trusted but I saw many rules overwriting each others so I decided to clean the mess in all the functions related to network or Chrome and everything is fine now.

All my thanks.