How to unblock apps which I've mistakenly blocked earlier [RESOLVED]

I’ve,by mistake,blocked some apps (“remember” was checked too) now in order to solve this i did try to make those apps run. but my printer is showing some does print but doesn’t update. I’ve got a new HP photosmart printer(all in one).
In all, I want to know how to unblock apps that I’ve blocked???

hi there mrvain :slight_smile:
go to CIS/firewall/advanced/network security policy
you can edit the rules there

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From Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy.
Find and select your program. Then you can either edit and select new rules for it, or remove the existing rule and restart your program to create a new rule for it.

I hope this helps you.

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Lt ganda has secretly moved my thread here and is having fun making me to search here and there,nevermind Lt. I did get here. by the way both suggestion helped.thanks a lot.

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