How to unblock applications inadvertently blocked (Firewall/Defense+)

I hope this is in the right place - I’ve not participated on this forum before.

Shortly after I started the computer (Windows XP SP3, with Avira Antivir, Windows Defender , BOClean 247 and Comodo Firewall version 3 with Defense Plus all running as “realtime” defence), a balloon notified me that Sched.exe (part of Avira’s updater) was trying to access the internet. Carelessly, I blocked instead of allowing it. Presumably, the “remember” option was ticked.

Now I can only update Avira manually by disabling the firewall and defense+ (to be honest, I haven’t tried one at a time.)

The firewall is set to “Custom” - I hoped this would alert me to every attempt by any application to connect to the internet, so that I could set the firewall to allow the app, block it or request permission in future. Defense+ is set to “safe.”

I’ve spent a fair amount of time consulting the Comodo manual, and looking around on the internet. I’ve tried to change anything to do with sched.exe (and avira update generally) to “trusted application,” I’ve tried treating it as an installer/updater, I’ve messed around in both firewall and Defense+ settings and achieved only a seriously bad mood.

Since it gets such good reviews, I’d very much like to get the hang of this firewall and learn to use it. As a non-expert, though, I’m finding it infuriatingly difficult to use. The manual might be more use if all the terms it used were explained, but most of what I’ve read there left me none the wiser - and to be honest, I find this forum’s layout pretty hard work, too. But then, as I say, my efforts to get the firewall to do what I want it to have left me in a really foul mood, and I might be my normal loveable and reasonable self again later.

So, if anybody can spare the time and is prepared to offer suggestions after that little tirade:

Can I reset the firewall or defense+ to stop blocking Avira update, having carelessly blocked it myself?

I’d like to “train” the firewall by having the choice to allow apps, to block them or to get them to ask every time (including everything on the “white list”) - is this possible and if so, what settings do I use?

Although I’ve looked at what seems a huge number of tutorials and the like, I’d appreciate any suggestions pointing to an easy-to-understand tutorial on the basics of using the current firewall. The only ones I’ve sort-of understood included references to modes which seem to have been abandoned.

I really want to learn to like Comodo, but it’s very close to being uninstalled permanently - perhaps it really is only suitable for experts.

Unfortunately I need to go out and do all the things I should have done while messing around with Comodo and using lots of rude word this morning - but I’ll definitely check back as soon as I can - apologies if I’m slow replying to anything.

If you have blocked in Firewall side you need to luck in Firewall->Advanced->Network security policy->This is where you will find all the rules made for applications which access the internet.

When you have all your regular programs listed in “Application rules” go to Firewall->Advanced->View firewall settings and move the slider up to “Custom”/Also in the same section move the “Alert settings” to at least High.
When set like this you will receive a pop-up for any application trying to connect out which doesnt allready have a rule configured in "Application rules"->You can then answer accordingly but make sure "Remember my answer" isnt ticked otherwise a rule will be created.

If you have blocked something Defence+ side you need to have a look in Defence±>Advanced->Computer Security Policy.
It might be worth having a look at the logs for both to see what you blocked, look under Firewall/View Firewall events and click “More” where you can access both logs.


Thank you for that, Matt.

The problem lay in the Defence Plus Computer Security Policy - I hope. If I’m correct, then I believe the problem has been resolved succesfully - I managed to update the AV without first disabling the firewall.

I’m also trying your other suggestions, with respect to the slider settings.

Thanks again for your assistance - greatly appreciated. And your signature has given me a great idea to help me improve my sense of humour!

HOw do I unblock a game I accidently blocked?? the ones I want blocked never seem to block but this one I accidently blocked and it stayed blocked… Please help me…

Please follow Matty’s guidelines.

When you accidentally block it and do not tell CIS to remember it will only block for the session; in short rebooting will solve it.