How to unblock an IP?

I accidentally chose to block the ip of one of my other home computers - it continues to block any explorer queries, but obviously I want to see all files on all my computers. How do I unblock the ip? Ive been over and over every setting, and cannot find this. I can see where it blocked the ip in the logs, but cant seem to affect it.

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Have you looked in My Blocked Network Zones in the Firewall section to see if it is there?

If so you could remove it.

yes, checked there and its not a “zone” apparently, but it does still keep blocking any attempt from my other computer to look at files. As if once you select the block option, it keeps that.

Have a look in Application Rules, Network security policy.

I have System allow UDP in and also TCP in from the IP of my other networked computer.

Maybe you are blocking those.

In System is also Allow IP out from IP any to IPany where protocol is any.