How to unblock an app that's been already blocked?

I can’t find any setting that shows me which applications I have already blocked and how to reset its status so Comodo can ask me again if I want to block it or not. I blocked one application by accident and I want to undo the blocking.



It depends.
If the application was not launched by another application like cmd.exe or explorer.exe etc.
D+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → Select App which you blocked
and Remove
D+ → Advanced → Computer Security Policy → Select App that lauched the
app you blocked → Edit → Access Rights → Modify Run an Executable →
Blocked Applications → Remove → Hit the apply button for each window still

Al (was that enough to call myself a programmer?) Adric

If you meant that internet access was blocked, you will find the rules for your applications in firewall/advanced/network security policy

Man, I feel dumb for not having found that before. Thanks for the tip!

Ya, I wanna say these panels aren’t that obvious to reach for french people
as well the forum is, shall be highlightned in the program, or there shall be some video tutorial :)))

Thanks Adric, was racking the brain trying to find this!