How to unblock a program?

I accidentally blocked javaw.exe and unable to unblock it(it’s not on the application rules list).

Could it be that you only blocked it temporarily? Doing so won’t create any rule but instead the policy will apply until you terminate the process and start it again.

(Since this is in the firewall section, I’m assuming it’s not about Defense+)

No, I’m pretty sure “remember my answer” was checked /=
Isn’t there a way to reverse it?

Try going to the “Computer Security Policy” section of Defense+. Then go to the tab for Defense+ rules. Then remove the rules for that program by left-clicking on the program and then selecting remove.

Please let me know if you have any more problems.


It was on the firewall event list, so it’s not related to D+(right? :-).
Anyway since I didn’t find a way to unblock it I simply reinstalled Comodo.

Sorry, I read it too fast the first time.

If it happens again you can go to the Firewall tab. Then go to “Network Security Policy”. Then go to the “Application Rules” tab, select the program in question, and hit remove.