How to unblock a program

How do I unblock a program I want to allow. When I try to click on add it opens a window called Application Control Rule. I wants me to select a valid application name. How do I do this?

I can’t type anything in, so how do I give it a name?

I am trying to allow MSN Messenger and AIM.

You may already have a rule for the program in your rule list. If you have checked the list (Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy), then you are correct to click on the Add button. On the dialog click the Select button and choose Browse. Locate the file you want to add in its directory on your hard drive (you may have to look hard for your Computer entry if you have a lot of Desktop items). Once you have the program’s exe file selected you can then select Use a Predefined Policy (if you know a predefined policy that would fit the need) or Use a Custom Policy. It seems that these two want full access, so you can use the Predefined Policy “Trusted Application”. You will have to Add each program separately.

It would be useful to have a list of all programmes, select one, click buttons (or R-click) for choices of Allow - Ask - Block; the ability to select several and Delete is handy . Also good if these lists stayed put, instead of returning to top.

‘Useability’, i.e. convenience for the user, is v. important. Several of the apps. that I’ve chosen to use are ‘Useble’ - more important than bells and whistles everywhere!

I must have been half-asleep when I wrote the last entry. I should have just said click Firewall>Common Tasks>Define a New Trusted Application> click Select and choose Browse. Locate the program that you want to add and select it. I did not know when I started the reply last time that those two programs would want full access rights. It still seems excessive to me.

I blocked Excel 2003 on my Win XP machine. (I clicked on “Block” without confirming that the check box was cleared.) I have made Excel a trusted application in the computer security policy, but it still won’t run. I get this Windows error message when I try to run Exel: “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them.”

The defense+ events log indicates the action is Create Process.

I had not found any indication that Excel had been explicitly blocked before I made it a trusted application.


Check the explorer.exe’s execution rights (Computer Security Policy → explorer.exe → Access Rights → Run an executable (Modify…) → Blocked Applications).

I always imagined that if you clicked Block with “remember…” checked that it would enter the application on the Define a New Blocked Application list. That assumes that it was a network connection that was blocked and not some other access which might put it on the My Quarantined Files list. I’m just guessing here and I would be interested to know if MaratR is right in his suggestion. It looks perfectly reasonable, but it is different from what I would have guessed.

Hello AnotherOne,

Yes MaratR was right. I accidendentally blocked LeakTest.exe with “remember…” checked. Eventhough I made it a trusted application I always get “Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access them.” message. MaratR’s suggestion saved my day.


Hello MaratR,