How to unblock a program i just blocked by mistake

Is there a way to do this?
Why isn’t there a easy way to do this ???
I’m sure thousands of people do this all the time then they get frustrated and uninstall !!

Fix this major issue!

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Perhaps you could supply a little more information that would possibly allow someone to assist you. Such as the application you’ve blocked, or whether it’s firewall or D+/sandbox related…

Assuming it’s firewall related, look under Firewall/Network security policy/Application rules, for the name of the application you’ve blocked, and remove the rule. Failing that, post some more detailed information.

I have accidentally blocked wfwiz.exe which is part of my winfast PVR. 88) How can I reverse this decision please?

Did you block it from running (then it is related to D+) or did you block it from accessing the web (then it is related to the firewall).

It wanted to upgrade its status and modify something. can’t remember which, unfortunately. was in a hurry and wasn’t concentrating. just blocked it and then I realised I didn’t know how to go back later and fix it… :cry:

Did you check the firewall settings as I described above? If it’s not blocked by the firewall you’ll have to look in D+.

Yeah, two variants and both are correctable, start from the firewall:
Firewall → Network Security Policies → Application Rules
find there this wfwiz.exe or its component, you’ll find it by the prog’s icon and it will be white crossed in a red circle → Edit… → Use a Predefined policy → Trusted Application → Apply.

Then check the Defense+:
Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → find there this wfwiz.exe or its component, you’ll find it by the prog’s icon → Edit… → Use a Predefined policy → Trusted Application → Apply.

Thanks everybody. Easy when you know how… :slight_smile:

great… happened to me again… ok I have an idea:
How hard would it be to just make a LIST of RECENTLY BLOCKED APPLICATIONS !?
With an option to unblock…

And why don’t u do it ??

me fool me once - shame on me.
me fool me twice - blame someone else.

How hard is it to do the steps you did last time to reverse the mistake you made?

As clearly stated below, if you accidentally block an app from a Firewall alert, go to Firewall → Network Security Policies → Application Rules, find the rule for the bocked app and remove it.

If you accidentally blocked it from a Defense+/Sandbox alert, go to Defense+ → Computer Security Policy → Blocked Files, find the blocked app and remove it.

As a suggestion for next time, you are more likely to gain helpful support from these user forums if you could adopt a less confrontational attitude.

Just a thought. :slight_smile:

Ewen :slight_smile:

I concur with your response Ewen.

I understand that comodo’s attitude seems to be what I would call “purist of the security”, but it can happen that you click on the wrong button … let’s say you often switch from MORE OPTION to FEWER OPTION.

Or also, especially if the popups concern a safe application … that the only thing you would want to block could be “using svchost.exe to do recursive connections …”

And I would also add that a different icon for when D+ is in training mode or disable would be a good idea … training mode is actually really useful to clear all the popup thing with safe application … but you might forget to rearm if after.

To begin with, maybe we should move this thread to CIS help section.

I find FAQ’s and guides very helpful.


Well, since you posted it here, I suppose you’d like some response from users as well.

The steps provided were easy enough and each section has a concise description of what we’ll find there. I hardly had any difficulty with it.

With man’s overall population, I’m equally sure there are thousands of people of every category and preference you can think of. There are equally thousands of people who think otherwise and continue using the product.

Hasty generalization.

Adding code in an already complex code is hardly easy. I learned that from open-source softwares. Asking the question in such a manner would be similar to saying “how much of an idiot can you be that you can’t do such a simple thing?” (which strangely enough, should be told to many users instead)

No, I don’t think you’d want to say that, and if you do, well, then the forum is certainly no place to say it. PM them than posting it here. I find such posts distasteful and disdainful and I’m sure others do as well (which explains the general policies and rules we have here and in every other forum).

No, no. You missed the point. The response you’re referring to was implying sarcasm because of jaxx0r’s double standards and “confrontational attitude”.

That’s true enough, though I haven’t used comodo firewall after 5.1, I find the whitelist and the list of blocked applications sufficiently accommodating enough to easily configure the firewall (trust me, coming from me that’s quite a big thing).

I suppose I’m used to doing everything alone which would explain my inquisitiveness, still, I would have to disagree with the training mode since in itself, it’s a vulnerability I’ve seen in various computers and laptops whose users thought training mode is usable even if the system’s not a fresh install. If security would be the foremost priority, I disagree. If it’s user-friendliness, then sure, why not?