How to un-quarantine files from My Quarantined Files[RESOLVED]

Hi everybody,
Have serious problem here…installed CFP today, then it proposed to scann against malware, found 2 trojan, then quanrantaned them, but when i restarted, Windows crashed and couldnt…so i made the lat good configuration, and i found that the files are Windows System files : winlog files …HOW CAN I UNQUARANTINE THEM PLEASE !!

If i uninstall CFP, does it restore them ?


This thread might help you on second page.

Hi again !
Thank you very much for your reply…what i understood is that removing the Files from My Quarantine Files is not Deleting them form the Computer…so i made it…i just removed from the Quanrantine list…and now will see if i can reboot normaly without any problem !..When it will not work, i will start Windows As Last Known Setting…and will delete CFP 3

Anyway, think it is a Resolved Problem, as removing them from the list, doesn’t delet them from Computer…