How to "un-isolate" a program? [resolved]

First, thanks for the great firewall.

Recently, I accidentally told COMODO(when it asked me what the action should be) to treat as isolated Steam.exe., and now Steam does not work. How can I reverse this process? Thanks.

Welcome. :slight_smile: Go to Defense+ > Computer Security Policy > and edit steam.exe. Remember to apply.

Open CIS>Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy

Double click Steam.exe

Change it to predefined policy ‘trusted application’ if you are sure this application can be trusted.

Otherwise delete the rule for Steam.exe, change defense+ to training mode (Right click CIS tray icon>Defense+ Security level>Training Mode)

Run Steam.exe defense+ will give rules as per its disk access

Change Defense+ to safe mode after closing Steam.exe

Thanks guys! Worked perfectly. I’m loving verson 3.5 of the firewall.

Nice to hear that

then i’m gonna lock this topic (:m*)
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